The popular science medical grade silicone products expensive reason in where

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-10
Shop around will appear there are good and bad, also have this kind of phenomenon, in silicone rubber industry quality compared to natural will show his height, so the silicone materials have high low price, will naturally have it must be the truth, many people know that the silica gel products raw materials can be divided into several different levels, ordinary, food, medical treatment for common, also has the special mixing material, and the more expensive medical grade silicone, then what is the cause of your it? Silicone products has a very wide range of industries, machinery manufacturing, household products, medical equipment and so on all have effect, and different functions can choose different rubber production, ordinary silicone material can meet the demand of industry using, such as silicone accessories, sealing ring choose common, ordinary rubber for, among other things, on the other hand contact with human skin type selection of food grade silica gel can achieve very good using effect, and the medical grade silicone more quality than the two kinds of rubber, in both the physical properties and practical life and use effect and so on all the better. But medical grade silicone products factory production process is consistent. The current medical grade silicone material is one of the more expensive in the silicone rubber industry, it can be long-term contact with internal body, as a cosmetic and medical instrumentation tube, etc. , better stability and better quality, the solid medical grade silicone products used in the pipe type is more, it is made of high strength poly (dimethyl siloxane ( PDMS) Made, of which the characteristics and value lies in better stability, resistance to tear effect is strong, resistant UV and heat resistance, stability, and use the protective sterilization effect. It can reflect more compared with the general rubber plastic products, with better hand feeling the toughness of the material strength, simple sense is more, the product of litres of springback are relatively high, in terms of litres of strength can be arbitrary stretch rebound effect, and the product inside the tensile case will not appear white mist, which is one of its difference from ordinary glue, want to distinguish between its texture can distinguish from the product use effect.
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