The popular science shovel - Wooden shovels - The silicone shovel - Whether the healthier

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-07
The common saying say good horse matchs good saddle, good pot with shovel, the close cooperation of food without tools and meal, so for the tableware products are exquisite, is currently on the market at present there are many different materials stir-fry shovel, traditional shovel is utilization rate is higher, low carbon wood shovel also many, safe environmental protection silicone shovel as much as the other two, so for the above three kinds of material, you know? Food-grade silicone spatula: green food grade silicone tableware is began to be popular in recent years, it can attract the consumers to use is the main reason of the green environmental protection, new diet style, also can make diversified in color, simple and practical, and for a variety of ingredients can go to the benefits of a nonstick skillet with shovel. In the aspect of materials is one of the main reasons why many consumers are worried about, because it belongs to the rubber material category, the concern is whether silicone spatula to produce harmful substances, but fortunately it is cooking food grade special high temperature resistant, - 40℃- - 250℃) Silicone materials, particularly high stability, even using microwave heating, it will not deformation or releasing toxic substances, so you don't have to worry about. Compared with metal spatula, silicone spatula bendable, more joint bottom of the pot, the water resistance, oil resistance, the characteristics of titanium, easy to clean and by the vast number of lovers of cooking. But should notice use soft cloth when cleaning and neutral detergent, etc. , not to high strength with clean ball cleaning products. Tip: when the choose and buy, we can through the way of the sense of smell to judge the merits of the environmental protection silicone scraper, usually good silica gel is not produce peculiar smell, only inferior silicone will have obvious smell. Maintenance: 1, the first time before use, should be fully wash clean tableware. 2, after each use, please use soft cloth and neutral detergent to wash clean, and stay dry. 3, do not use clean ball cleaning equipment in high intensity. Stainless steel spatula: stainless steel spatula in numerous pancake Turner is a safe product. Stainless steel spatula high melting point, don't have to worry about high temperature can make stainless steel slice deformation, the release of toxic and harmful substances. In addition, studies have shown that the use of stainless steel tableware cooking food, iron, chrome, manganese and other essential trace element content than other Turner cooking the trace elements in food. Therefore, the rational use of stainless steel spatula is beneficial to human body health. Tips: when choosing stainless steel spatula, can be judged by observing its thickness. Generally good quality stainless steel spatula in branch to thicken and the processing of arc, shovel head in 2 mm thickness meters, make pancake Turner stick kettle, it does not hurt. And inferior stainless steel slice thickness may be only a fraction of mm, this Turner in the high temperature shovel the weight easily when bending, exist the safe hidden trouble that burns. At the same time, may have a look when the choose and buy stainless steel type, 304/316 of the food grade stainless steel comprehensive best at present. Maintenance: 1, not stainless steel tableware immersion in water for a long time, will reduce the ability of corrosion resistant so easily. After 2, product use, apply adequate amount to the detergent, wipe with a soft cloth or sponge, to remove the moisture fully before storage, can make kitchen utensils and appliances LiJiuChangXin. Wooden spatula in silicone rubber spatula is not popular, wooden spatula unanimously considered nonstick. Insulating wood feel is good, stays is also very good, don't be afraid of hot, stir fry, can be used by in its own wood aroma for food sometimes increase the unique aroma, can be said to be the family multi-function shovel. It is easy to clean, but in use process easy to black or coke, so attention should be paid to in a cool ventilated place after cleaning, dry will make its service life is longer. Tip: when the choose and buy, we will try to choose material log, and good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance wooden spatula. Maintenance: 1, the microwave oven is not available. 2, please do not insolate to avoid discoloration or deformation. 3, please do not for a long time will be immersed in water or other liquid. 4, placed in ventilated place namely after using. 5, before first use of the product, please clean with hot water high temperature disinfection. 6, to the service life of wood products, it is recommended that you do not use the product in other disinfection tools such as disinfection cabinet. Iron spatula Chinese kitchen utensils and appliances are known in the world, and a lot of contribution lies in the use of cast iron spatula. Now the limelight of pure iron Turner was gradually stainless steel spatula, but it is still widely as a representative of the traditional metal spatula gourmet cooking. Many people think that use iron spatula can provide some iron, like POTS, is good for the body. However, shovel is easy to rust, so attention should be paid to cleaning, washing and ready to dry the water. And shovel is hard, but also easy to scratch the pot body, home of the shovel is more and more rare. Turner is to make a pot of food heated evenly, to taste more quickly and easily. So, the first pancake Turner is safe to use, if it is a general cooking POTS, with steel shovel, wooden shovel or silica gel can be; If is nonstick skillet, you try to choose wooden shovels and silica gel shovel, etc. It does not hurt the pot, safe and durable.
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