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by:Smily Mia     2021-01-09
Now of silicone rubber products industry in order to improve processing efficiency and production smoothly and tend to adopt some treatment agent and curing agent as auxiliary tool to ensure the normal smooth release of products, the role of release agent is one kind, organic silicon as base material, it can be divided into a number of roles, release agent is one of them, and release agent can be divided into many types can be divided into product form, physical form and liquid form use a variety of role! Now silicone products manufacturer for release agent should be very clear, its method of use, using effect, etc. , styrene and release agent has a resistance to chemicals, such as amine exposure is not been dissolved, it is not easy to break down and wear and tear, he is mainly used in molding, injection molding, extrusion, mould, laminating and so on craft, the product without any chemical damage, it can form a uniform thin film and the forming of complex shape, size accurate and correct. Stripping performance is good, for the silicone products manufacturer, the spray type release agent table tension in 17 to 23 n/m directly, it mainly have heat resistance, resistance to pollution, lubricity, demoulding continuity, stability and other characteristics, in the process of production to get a good supporting role! Release agent of basic material belongs to organic organochlorine silane and organic alkoxy silane, in which it can be divided into methyl ethoxy silane, phenyl chlorosilane and phenyl ethoxy silane and so on the many kinds of organic compounds are belong to the type liquid using supplements, generally is spraying in the mold, and high viscosity material is hard to fall off the material as a benchmark, in the main role of silica gel products industry is sprayed directly on the mould surface after molding, silicone rubber material can rapidly release. And role is promote efficiency, due to the different structure of the mould and the product shape with silica gel under the condition of high temperature forming has certain viscosity, after spraying mold release products can keep good demoulding situation won't appear the phenomenon of sticky mold sticky material, a whole mould processing can be directly to the product when removed, improves the machining efficiency, and silica gel products manufacturers want to enhance efficiency in addition to stripping also have different USES, such as mold and the machine adjustment, specific jiahao honey and silica gel website for reference
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