The popular science what was the reason for the inconsistent weight silicone products?

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-09
Many times when consumer is buying the silicone products, choose two different colors, such as some silicone protective and decorative supplies, etc. , and yet many friends seldom noticed this phenomenon, the weight of the two models is error but don't know is what reason, but this kind of phenomenon for weight no requirement of products will be largely ignored, but customers are strict with product and it is said some not in the past, so what reason be cause? This phenomenon is usually a silicone products manufacturer in processing and raw materials as a result, when the will of the main raw material issue! ! ! Mixing glue is usually through a mixture of several substances, and the main components of the product for the white carbon black, white carbon black in the synthesis of other material at the same time, the density of the different proportion of added can lead to product reach, weight have caused the error phenomenon, density problem also affects the purity of the product, also have certain influence to production and processing! Products during the production of filler, silica gel products is to have burrs is known to all, so in the production process will be more into the flash edge material and often may be because the wool into the lead to products weight, the phenomenon of the error, and it also involves rubber cutting process, the degree of precision rubber, weight of the specifications of the blanking and debugging are accurate and so on, the cause of the machine caused due to the silicone vulcanizer flat level is not accurate, so when silica gel products factory machine mould pressure fit the degree of compression will have some migration also has certain influence! Mold problems, the degree of accuracy in processing silicone mold timing may result in mould machining precision, production molds are large, more than 300 x 300 template cavity number is more, the internal structure generally have 0. Tour around 1 deviation phenomenon, in addition to machining edge on the degree of precision knife can also lead to mold appear error, the mold may appear error lead to the production and processing products weight error phenomenon.
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