The pregnant woman saved 9000 meters altitude flight attendant premature straw baby boy

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-16
Tip: the British a pregnant woman in 9000 meters altitude, premature birth only 0. 5 kg baby boy, does not appear to be breathing. In this case, the flight attendant rely on straw, artificial respiration and heart massage quickened the premature baby boy. Channel metropolis daily reported on August 25, according to British media reported Wednesday, British women pregnant 6 months, nicola Delhi, mir Manchester city by plane from Britain to Crete, Greece on vacation, suddenly preterm birth in more than nine thousand meters high up in the air, gave birth to a only 0. 5 kg baby boy. Baby, who was born after barely breathing, but carol mill with a drink, a flight attendant, straw out of the blocking his airway mucus, then for him for half an hour's artificial respiration and heart massage, finally will revive the preterm infants. Baby boy in a hospital intensive care unit staying for 4 months, before finally follow parents home. Nicola will be a flight attendant carol is called 'angel'. And aircraft belonging to the British 'a choice' airline promises, such as boys grew up, the three will be able to free flying with the airline once travel to Cuba.
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