The remote control price - silicone buttons Remote silicone buttons to customize how much the price

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-24
The remote control price - silicone buttons Remote control how much custom silicone buttons price p + r button type silicone buttons and the combination of the plastic buttons, p + r buttons look, feel very good, so the p + r buttons also often used in the electronic dictionary, machine learning, mobile phones, access control, attendance machine products, such as for production process of p + r silicone buttons I believe you don't know, production process of p + r buttons, this article jiahao honey will take you to get to know emphatically p + r production process of silicone buttons. One, the preparation process, as long as it is silicone material products need some material ready for injection. Second, the molding part, this is all the silicone products need through links, p + r buttons is not exceptional also, is the plastic raw material into the injection molding machine, through the injection molding machine can be made into we want to be the size of the product specifications. Third, the screen printing process, the jiahao honey also detailed mentioned before, this is the silicone buttons products generally need to process, product surface is to make the buttons we want characters and pattern. Fourth, the spraying process, the product must be silicone buttons to use technology, spray a layer of the surface is the key product oil color of color. Five, laser carving craft silicone button how much prices silicone button remote control remote control: with the outbreak of 2019 laser rangefinder market demand, the design of laser rangefinder iteration is faster and faster, and its surface using the production process of silicone buttons, also from the original is only surface screen printing, laser carving, screen printing, spraying, until now drops of gel technology are combined, such as making laser rangefinder look more and more diverse. When laser rangefinder special silicon key technology is more and more long, the corresponding problem comes, which silica gel products factory can provide the complete process? The following jiahao honey is simple to introduce myself. Remote control price is expensive or not silicone buttons: the product is relatively complex, screen printing color complex, this is just the technology in basic, if you need some make light effects for the keys more trouble, Industry jargon: radium vulture silicone buttons) As a procurement, the most worried about is the delivery date. But for a good supplier, not only to satisfy this, delivery, quality, service, professional degrees are short of one cannot. We always wu often said: 'we don't compete on price with counterparts, low price means low quality and poor service, so for a long time, will only do not the market. Jiahao honey, only we do for our customers, with our good quality, professional technology to service them! Silicone button remote control price how many? Key service life and good effect: before the silica gel products has not yet come out, a number of key products are plastic cap as button at the top, the more hard feel is not very good second plastic cap and base adhesive is not strong or too loose, the product is the card key, off key, the product will not play such factors as expected you oneself also encountered this kind of phenomenon, the main reason is because with plastic buttons or plastic shell adhesive and close degree yes! 2: understand the process of equipment buttons, usually require a separate development mold equipment buttons, select the appropriate materials, LOGO and packing with customers own request, this product can meet the specific USES. Professional equipment customization service must allow customers to really understand the silicone industry, know us as a silica gel products factory transparent processing and customized services. Above is about silicone button remote control price related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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