The silicone accessories closely combined with other parts to effect

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-05
Believe that all consumers and buyers when buying products all want to achieve the best effect of a kind of will product perfect side show come out, but in any industry are the same phenomenon, who don't want to be a great product! So between silicone products industry parts and accessories perfect combination to achieve desired effect, not only ensure the appearance of the product structure outside and achieve the best effect, the function of the internal so for a lot of problems in procurement friend often appear a phenomenon, product closely set with silicone accessories department, the line between cracks and holes, this kind of phenomenon often happens in a lot of silicone accessories, structure is more complex products, so such as how to handle the phenomenon to be perfect? First in the process of silicone rubber products factory production tend to ignore the first working procedure that is the problem, 'mold' a lot of silicone producers ignored what point is a detail problem? Mold production effect can be achieved in the vulcanization process of products don't appear any adverse phenomenon and the product can she had kind of model is good, but for lack of mold in the process of machining instilled in mould processing personnel, moulding line is more important in front of the cutter, please don't loathe to give up, try to use new tools to fine milling mold surface, achieve the mould clamping line accuracy requirement, also try to slow down a little before the mould open thick under the knife, the cutting tool wear is minimized, to maintain the tool in good condition, to guarantee the precision and surface mold clamping line! And after mold problems can be solved, believe that want to have a perfect combination to the parts above the silica gel products that you need to pay attention to the details on the silicone molding process, at the time of discharge can try to total amount control of the rubber in the range of the right weight, so can reduce burrs, and to save raw materials, the effect of the three can let look more perfect, the liquidity to be able to disperse in place, product of uniform density, secondly in terms of the pressure of the machine can be suitable for adjustment, do what kind of products to adjust to what kind of pressure, otherwise the product will be a slight deformation phenomenon, this will seriously affect the silicone products and other accessories that fit, so try to control the production process for product deformation phenomenon, let the customer be satisfied with the products. Dongguan silicone products factory - Jiahao honey yali, silicone rubber products co. , LTD. http://www。 smilymia。 com/)
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