The silicone button factory - remote control Dongguan custom telephone remote control button factory

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-24
Remote control factory silicone buttons jiahao honey and professional engineers are mainly analysis the structure of the silicone button design is reasonable, from the production point of view some key structure will appear what kind of bad problem, and some improvement Suggestions to customers, the design of the silicone button structure be perfected. Second, also will be a review of the technology of silicone buttons, this step is mainly aimed at some new to industry, silicone buttons for each process is not known to customers, to ensure that every process requirements is purposefully, avoid high-grade buttons with low-grade products. Or the phenomenon of low-grade buttons with high precision instruments and equipment. Silicone silicone button factory dongguan remote control remote control button factory which good life everyone silicone products should be still not very familiar with, but the key of this product should be charting, the development of key dates back to last century in various key, industrial science and technology, 80 - 90 s keys on mobile phones such as nokia phones use are key or silicone rubber. Along with the development of The Times and demands, a lot of silicone buttons now out of home appliances, but now many technology products are electronic touch screen to operate manually, use the silicone buttons rarely, so in the future a lot less of this silicone products gradually. Silicone button remote control factory factory price: there are a lot of network clients find jiahao honey, we will open mold, custom silicone buttons mould opening part of the customer is not very clear custom need to provide some what material, below small make up, says let's jiahao honey manufactory to clients to open mold, custom silicone buttons need those information: customer a: customers as long as there is physical sample, so let's jiahao honey after receiving customer material, can be more physical sample mould custom out this kind of silicone buttons; Customer 2: as long as there is 3 d drawing and flow chart of the silicone buttons, this is a common mould demand data, relative is that several convenient way of a mould custom; Customer 3: as long as provide chassis diagram and circuit diagram of qualifying, jiahao honey, can we help you design a suitable silicone buttons. Silicone button remote control manufacturer telephone: panel key secrets, and curious about how these are to make some friends. Auto car manufacturer acrylic panel key reveal more and more automobile car products choose acrylic material for production, such as acrylic panel buttons, its appearance is very atmospheric high-grade, and full of fashionable element. Small make up then the mysteries of the acrylic buttons for you. The early shape of acrylic buttons are usually yakeli board, and then by laser cutting, laser cutting is to guarantee the benefits of cutting edge smooth high requirements.
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