The silicone button manufacturer - Dongguan manufacturers custom silicone buttons telephone

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-18
Silicone buttons when customers looking for custom production manufacturers, because the process of excavator control buttons are too complex quantity is little, repeatedly dosen't make find custom factory. Find jiahao ya honey, after the production process of our factory product quality were evaluated, affirmed the jiahao honey as silicone rubber products industry leading position. Eventually the two sides reached a cooperation intentions. In the early stage of the communication, jiahao honey jas technology more competent to understand the customer intends to all adopt laser carving process to the buttons. We all know that the radium vulture than screen printing has obvious difference, but the process cost is far too. , jiahao honey according to the key functional requirements, its edges is put forward to use screen printing. This saves the cost for the customer but also meet the requirements of the quality of product. Silicone key manufacturers silicone manufacturers which good: jiahao honey has a 10 - 15 years in the silicone industry professional engineering team, can according to customer demand for the structure of the independent design and development work, from the perspective of professional help customers to preliminary design and development of the research work. And each project is carried out by the project manager carefully planning as a whole, is can walk in the forefront of sample. Silicone buttons manufacturers recommend: some special silicone buttons products for font wear-resisting standard is very high, but by different process of wear-resisting degree is not the same. First of all, the fuel injection process can increase the friction standard, under normal circumstances, the dumb oil and spray light oil injection for RCA tape are the wear-resisting requirements for more than 12 times ( 175 g) And spray PU oil resistant requirement is more than 20 times (RCA tape 175 g) , injection technology is high efficiency of a way to improve wear resistance of the production. Secondly, can also use a glue process, this process can present a different appearance, the silicone button will produce a convex curved surface crystal, will cost relatively high a lot, but can be more effective protection character. Dongguan factory custom silicone buttons telephone: from molding process requirements: silicone raw materials in before forming sulfide is liquidity, as a base color silicone buttons may have three or four or more color, which requires the operator to put different colors of rubber in precision mold cavity, and the need to control the weight of each color. As long as a position or wrong material weight is wrong, so the whole piece of string color scrap products. This is a lot of small silicone button factory is difficult to control forming defective rate, has a group of more than ten years production experience of silicone buttons employees, has the ability and experience control string color problem in the process of forming. Simple a product as an example, the market popular silicone POS buttons or keys, inductor are generally at least 4 kinds of silicone impression and screen printing five or six kinds of surface color, this kind of silicone buttons looks be like simple, but you need to know the color of red and green space only 23 mm, this kind of work fine as the country-and it right.
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