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by:Smily Mia     2020-11-19
The silicone button pervious to light the specific process is as follows: 1, net box: generally USES aluminium alloy, convenient operation, the strength is not easy to deformation. Wipes with cyclohexanone stretched the net net frame, remove residual oil and dirt, then use industrial alcohol to wipe, after washing with water, then dry net frame. In printed version of the operation, the need to dry for many times, so the dry conditions and clean should be strictly controlled. 2, stretched silk, first choose network rubber use nylon mesh screen printing, printing ink over net rate, constant tension, use can network with box machine side and 6 ~ 10 cm more net frame periphery of wire mesh, using pneumatic stretch mesh machine tension net, and six point method with the tension meter test, after reaching the required tension, coating glue in order to screen glued down in the net frame, with hot air blowing speed up drying, after about 5 minr cements, tightening can turn off the machine, excess screen glued on the outside of net frame, to facilitate the adhesion fastness of keep the screen. Cut off excess wire mesh, with cyclohexanone, industrial alcohol cleaning net surface after drying. If stretch mesh tension is not stable, may cause deviation and fuzzy font, has a string of the ink layer thickness difference substrates. Plane CNS big screen printing with tension, tension has a curved surface printing need small screen, process is the scope of application screen tension 3 n/Cm ~ 7 n/Cm. General tension, short service life of large screen process should be selected according to need: 100 aim straight yarn silk screen printing conductive printing inks, printing the CNS, color piece with the purpose of inclined wire mesh, 200 ~ 300 to ensure the integrity of the ink layer thickness and graphic. Silicone button pervious to light 3, coated photosensitive glue: commonly used manual coating, leaning on the blank screen wall, using coated stainless steel tank with 2 ~ 3 times, Angle is about 50 °, the observation of rubber base color, film thickness gauge was used to measure thickness. Color black CNS and scrape the emulsion on the thickness of 20 ~ 25 microns, the arc hollow printing screen emulsion thickness of 28 plus or minus 3 microns, different processes of emulsion thickness is different, should the amount of material and take, emulsion thickness must be uniform. An oven drying temperature control at about 40 °, avoid high temperature influence sense of spin ShiGuang performance, pay attention to the safety of the lights in the process of drying, appropriate USES yellow light illumination, the white light into the interior of avoid by all means, screen drying out 10 min after exposure. 4, exposure, exposure is to make the graphic part of photographic film after see light produces chemical reaction, film between the molecular structure of the cross-linking hardening. By soluble into insoluble, blocking light layer is formed after enhancement ( Hardening part) And transparent image parts of the mesh ( Did not see the light sensitive glue water soluble) Make the ink surface mesh into a printing pattern. Exposure to use vacuum plate burning machine, with transparent adhesive tape film on the screen, release. it face up, the template stick film, with a black cloth network with box, put down the skin cover, to start the suction device ( Air pressure is about 110-120 pa) Stable, such as air pressure, the cap against the glass after activation exposure device, according to the emulsion properties, film thickness, and by the thickness of the exposure time. Usually control between 20 s to 60 s. 5, development: after exposure of screen with water immersion & gt; , and under certain pressure of pipe flushing both sides of the film, until the image is part of the film is rinsed clean, forming the mesh of the image is completely transparent. Graphic part with the graphic part appeared, with handle gently touching the surface should be smooth feeling, has not been dissolved, filter the water droplets into the oven for drying. Production network version generally must carry on the second exposure, to enhance the service life of the screen. 6, the deployment of ink: silicone rubber printing ink must be suitable for the physical and chemical properties of silicone rubber, and can be firmly attached to the surface printing, it composed of pigment, links with the rest of the ink, solvent mixed in certain proportion, the three liquid grinding wheel. Usually in kerosene as diluent, single type liquid ink to join vulcanizing agent ( Trace) To improve adhesion and wear resistance, and double liquid ink printing directly. The preservation of the ink temperature control in 0 & gt; ~ 10 ℃, with high temperature drying after printing. Ready before 7, printing: printing, screen, printing ink, clean no oily be soiled, printing, the surface is too smooth, must be the flame, corona treatment, to ensure that the printing ink adhesion is good, the sun a good screen fixture fixed on the machine, printing of the buttons on the fixture and internal fixation, the hardness of scraper shall be the rubber hardness ( About 55 °) , gauge line positioning, screen printing production line and on the cover plate on the gauge wire alignment positioning, to overprint the sample position accurately. Adjust screen and printing surface distance, make the scrapping printing screen can contact substrates, scraping trip coverage pattern must be greater than 2 ~ 5.
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