The silicone buttons - meter Dongguan meters custom silicone buttons telephone

by:Smily Mia     2021-09-17
Meters silicone key the silica gel surface abrasion and tear resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, sealing to resist bacteria, dust, dirt, grease, liquid. Silica gel contains antibacterial components, applicable conditions and at the same time can effectively inhibit and resist bacteria growth and reproduction. Generally customized customer production process of maritime keyboard controller buttons with spray radium carving process, but the specific need what technology, need according to customer requirements and the manufacturer's advice to adjust, dongguan jiahao honey manufacturer independent mould custom all kinds of silicone products, buttons, if you also need to custom silicone buttons can inquire jiahao honey: - 400 0769 - 878. Meters silicone buttons meters custom silicone buttons: in the traditional production process of silicone buttons on product quality and production process to the quality control plan; Is in order to better control the quality of the product stability, for the production process, machine, material, method, ring do effective assessment, and determine, jiahao honey key processing factory to meet customer demand, improve the quality of key production companies, and after 1 year of internal learning and improvement; On March 4, 2019, the company ushered in the second phase of the IATF16949 system certification, certification company production car silicone key silicone handle for us from the keys travel set, in the actual production process, is controlling the elastic wall, important link is the mould during development, mould design and production, the mould is inclined wall structure is related to the production process of silicone buttons feel late, engineering director of jiahao honey always, with nearly 20 years engineering experience of design silicone buttons, with their own professional ability solve the custom problem, can help customers standing in cost control is put forward on the basis of better solution! Jiahao honey in molding process, the discharge is very exquisite, rows each feeding location, material, approved by the engineer test is ok, the weight of this produce silicone buttons won't because of the load deviation affect silicone buttons handle! Meters silicone buttons manufacturers: the so-called silicone products don't string color different colors just two buttons, the adjacent closely, but there is no overlap, color without any bad, silicone products to be made into a variety of color, is certainly need printing process was done, but many of the buttons are tight, and color is different, so how are the keys of string color do not happen? How to produce not string of color silicone buttons? The following jiahao honey, to answer your doubts! Is also more common on the market, its technology has not nearly the same, in the recent period of time, jiahao honey production workshop, a mobile POS machine production of silicone buttons, the dongguan customers also find our online, begin to directly ask small make up company entity factory? How large is the company? Ever do the POS keys? Small make up based on the principle of customer is our god, let us have two entity factory, the size of the nearly 200 people, and sent to the customer POS button after a series of our production, the customer's appointment in the second day come and visit factory with us. Dongguan electric meter factory silicone buttons telephone: common granular to silicone buttons are used as the conductive contact, do you ever seen a gold-plated grain? Jiahao honey, recently received an inquiry of auto switch buttons, the customer is assigned to use gold plated conductive grain, gold-plated relatively high grain prices than granular on many, so why car silicone buttons can take gold plated grain? The advantage of gold-plated grain again? Is essentially the difference between the first, and materials. Followed by the performance, the conventional resistance of conductive carbon granule can only be reached around 100 euro, but gold plated grain resistance control within 1 euro. Relatively speaking, the lower the resistance, the sensitivity of key is higher, so the gold-plated grain used to have a certain requirements for acuity silicone buttons.
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