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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-14
The silicone buttons - military equipment Military equipment manufacturer custom silicone buttons NFS2 - telephone said Fire alarm controller (3030 LianDongXing) Where there is before silicone buttons, or want to introduce to you the first of this fire alarm controller. Fire alarm controller ( LianDongXing) The silicone buttons & quot; The NFS2 - emperor phil NOTlFlER new ONYX series Fire alarm controller (3030 LianDongXing) Is a 32-bit microprocessor with high-performance large-scale fire alarm controller. It USES a modular system architecture, system configuration is flexible and convenient. Can use single already, also can access NFN network of alarm control combination of centralized and decentralized fire alarm control network, to meet any size of buildings to the requirement of fire alarm control system. This is a sophisticated fire alarm control unit, the quality requirements of using silicone buttons, of course, also very high. Such as screen printing with the surface to the system of vacuum suction cups. Jiahao honey and as a silica gel products ranks leading NFS2 - that we have produced Fire alarm controller (3030 LianDongXing) The silicone buttons. As the other words: custom buttons which good? China guangdong to find jiahao honey and military equipment silicone key military equipment custom silicone buttons: a game hall for 90 later said has step into society, it may be said is one of the memories of childhood, small make up as a member of the 90 after the army which, has to play in the game hall still heart, way to simulate the car, but this small make up is not to say to simulate racing, but analog racing game silicone buttons. As is known to all, a good key, customer experience is important, as the company's procurement staff, custom racing game consoles silica gel button how to find the right supplier? Military equipment manufacturers silicone buttons: the key is luminous glue, its every button after fine drops of glue processing, make its key visual effect in crystal shape, more beautiful atmosphere, and can be a very good to protect every luminescent drops of glue printing characters, wear resistance is very good. Figure in the keys at the same time also has the property of luminous, it is also according to customer requirements and design of special research and development, can be used on any light slants dark place, and after a glue process of luminescent silicone key characters in the dark can also be clearly visible. Compared with ordinary silica gel key-press, luminescent drops of glue is not only appearance look fashionable and beautiful, its function and characteristics which used in the field, it is very good choice. Military equipment factory telephone: silicone buttons backlight and lighting, backlighting, so-called is come out from behind a light, through such light to enhance electronic product surface display of characters or the brightness of the LOGO. So what is backlit silicone buttons? We often see that sheds light on equipment buttons, button on the surface of the characters on the back under the irradiation of leds, particularly conspicuous, it is to belong to the backlit silicone keys, we also often call pervious to light silicone buttons. 2: understand the process of equipment buttons, usually require a separate development mold equipment buttons, select the appropriate materials, LOGO and packing with customers own request, this product can meet the specific USES. Professional equipment customization service must allow customers to really understand the silicone industry, know us as a silica gel products factory transparent processing and customized services.
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