The silicone buttons - remote control Dongguan factory silicone buttons which good remote control

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-25
Remote control silicone buttons have your customer asked you character adhesion silicone buttons? Have related inspection standard, do you have a confused, this doesn't matter, the next time you can tell the customer or quality, you silicone buttons character adhesion is testing equipment, the following jiahao honey and explain to you the silicone buttons alcohol test standard. The silicone button if it is direct screen printing to do after a period of spray applying, general alcohol test but also resistant to 500 times; When you if life requires more than 500 times back and forth, it can be recommended as a top coat. If you side also increases, it can be according to the special requirement is the ink. Custom silicone silicone button remote control remote control buttons factory: spray on the surface of the surface coating is the key effect of ink color effects, light fog degree, then the radium carved pervious to light the font or pattern, and then spray PU or feel oil layer. Hot oil and PU is the most common silicone product surface spraying process, is in the silica gel products by means of spraying the surface to form a layer of protection. But between them also has a big difference. Feel the difference between the oil and oil of PU: ( 1) Look from the exterior, two very similar process, so that many people of the two kinds of process to identify the confusion. ( 2) Distinguish from the sense of touch: touch oil spraying, touch feel is exquisite and smooth, PU coating, whether fog face or dumb face, tactility crude coarse. ( 3) Handle difference between oil and PU in performance: hot oil dustproof effect is good, clear surface dirt easily, weak abrasion resistance; The PU prone to electrostatic adsorption dust, resistance to wear. Silicone button remote control manufacturer telephone: in a product contact, had the opportunity to come into contact with a silica gel products, name, strange to say, this kind of silicone products is one of the keys, just it looks strange, so in the name of the above some strange, this kind of silicone products is the silicone button plate. Cap in some places, also called silicone buttons or other name, know what is silica gel press plate, small make up before jiahao honey jas production factory is also very fuzzy these questions, just know some simple single KEY power silicone silicone buttons or keys and remote control buttons, but did not know actually the silicone press plate is also belong to one of the single KEY silicone buttons. Probably most of the friends on the Internet for fire button supplier of silica gel, try holding the psychological, ran to get lucky, met a wonky fireproof silicone buttons suppliers, is not worth the cost, also waste of manpower and financial resources. Next small make up recommend to everyone a pretty ones, is also the silicone products in the industry specializing in the production of fireproof silicone button manufacturer jiahao honey with its excellent product quality and after-sales service, won the good reputation in the industry, and in just three years, established two silicone products branch, and adhere to the production of silicone buttons is given priority to, do silicone key industry overlord. The above is about silicone button remote control related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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