The silicone case is not expensive, real luxury goods have you seen?

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-06
A lot of consumer are buying mobile phones before in order to keep the cell phone has a face in front of friends and strangers, so the existence of the phone cases became a trend, known to the present case of shapes and styles of leather cases, silicone mobile phone case, TPU case and titanium case several types to occupy the majority and the price also can let the consumer can accept, but say luxury, estimates that you haven't seen so expensive phone cases! According to reports coming from the Internet, in foreign countries have a mobile phone sets price up to 1. 60000 yuan! It is a named Gary Advent of titanium alloy shell, its material is mainly composed of pure metal tricks, protection shell is composed of two titanium alloy protection frame structure, silver appearance is really can see that the cases of high grade. Products in addition to titanium alloy, internally USES the food grade silica gel products prepared a silicone material on both sides of the frame protection pad to avoid friction, and the selling point of this product and other silica gel actually following and leather following from do not have what distinction, mainly is the price and get work precision processing, enhanced the grade of the product from the positioning, and many of our website silica gel protective sleeve at best price in hundreds of yuan, for the price I want to the guidance of this kind of case except luxury or extravagance! So for mobile phone decoration sheath, more consumers choose TPU, silicone, following from the mobile phone sets of silicone material properties of TPU, and compared with the titanium alloy also has certain advantages, it has certain environmental protection sex, the soft strength of springback can prevent cell phone broke, bruising, is a very good drop cell phone sets, for the price also is to belong to mass consumption, everyone can get protective cover, might as well can recommend to you and friends!
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