The silicone ears hang - Silicone earmuffs bad solution

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-27
Care products in recent years, more and more, can be health food so the silicone material must be one of the first material, green, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, so recently we have received customer silicone ears hang health products to Japan, so no matter for the quality and appearance are seriously, and in the production and processing of there are a lot of problems and bad phenomenon, so not only bring customers different distress, also bring different loss for yourself! Must have a lot of friends all know that export products for quality and requirements are very much, will strictly control on every procedure, which due to the hardware in the manufacturing process of silicone ears hang in with silica gel, to achieve a certain bending effect, and so do you have in without damage the mold can not only ensure the yield of product to ensure no leakage phenomenon of hardware products, so the hardware package adhesive products for solid molding process is really a headache problem. Need to be in the middle of the process hardware and silicone adhesive off each other, so the brush glue has become a new process, and the major adverse phenomenon is glue shedding and hardware leakage phenomenon, followed by product appearance, as well as package adverse wind, and hardware plastic bags products after silicone products manufacturer to come to the conclusion that get some solution! 1, silica gel and metal bonding glue, more important, should first test is that the glue for silica gel and metal bonding and not fall off 2, metal pieces of the main causes of leakage phenomenon glue or because the service is too thin, so try to glue a thickening on mould, put hardware as far as possible when put level off, do not put uneven, this leads to the operation problems. 3, appearance has a bright spot, the main reason is because the mold is not normal in and out of the mold, injection mold release spray water too right, rubber adhesive paper and so on. Pay more attention to when processing can solve the problem! 4, the problem of wind is mainly about the silicone products, time, temperature, pressure, and other reasons, caused the silicone ears hang also have this kind of phenomenon, so the basic defects on process control is OK! A good wear ear hang, not only need to look it up, how to let consumers get better experience, and in quality from the source to find problem point above, let consumers to buy more comfortable, the horizontal wear comfortable, had a silicone material you choose?
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