The silicone industry of sadness: 'a factory who can resonate years of sad results? ”

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-17
Wu Mou boss for silicone products manufacturers, business 10 years, the ability is limited so there was no development, have been taking place in conjunction, feel not good, last year, the two partners, meet today to discuss the next step plan, they want to continue, I propose to shut down. Listen to his reasons: 1, as far as I know, environmental protection is just the beginning, it follows that there are security and the fire will follow. 2, our current factory conditions, unable to complete more than a few large regulation, if you want to continue to do factory must move to normal. 3, cost pressure is too big, now 25 - year pay taxes 30 in one thousand (300000, workshop rent 100 yuan/square meters) , if move to have land card, house property card workshop, rent need 750000, environmental protection equipment electricity each year after an increase of 100000, 85 in one thousand, a total of more than spending even if the product price will be higher, also not enough new spending. 4, market prospects uncertain, large-scale factory closings, certainly will cause massive unemployment, did not dare to consume without income, and may affect our sales, more of a dilemma. 5, this is one of the most important, I really tired! A factory 10 years day and night, trembling with fear, worry about the customer, worry about out of stock, worried about the workers. 6, conclusion: 10 years to pay tax 1. 7 million, 900000, bank interest payments to the landlord earned 1. 8 million, accumulative total wages 28 million, revenue for yourself a pile of scrap iron and a bunch of triangle debt, do not know this calculating do not calculate contribution. A factory boss, also have experience greatly, a lot of a factory boss said small businesses can make some money, because the local coastal has a complete industrial chain, moved to the mainland will lose the backing, did not exist. Closed, serious work, 10 years of industry experience and business channels won't worse than a factory income how many, also need not scared. I was determined to close, now I lost money, again through the day I am afraid to loss of freedom, etc. This series is complete, may is to hunt down the tax, you are professional, according to the current tax if the enterprise did not make any false, which the factory can survive? See your workers wages, feel your taxes low. Estimates and some don't make out an invoice customers. Plus, the salaries is not materials, 360 - years spending 4 million. You should not low of water and electricity fee. Infancy is also voted in at least 3 million more than a decade ago, really as property speculation at the time, white worry about 10 years. Can tell you the truth, the whole body, is a wise man to succeed. Next, small micro enterprises more difficult. And there is no way of low-end manufacturing, or leave early. A little is good, then there is security. I know a factory not far, environmental hit in more than one thousand, is environmental protection inspection have passed, but the security, the stuff of bright eye. Any reason can give you away. According to the market, but also do hair business! Into the factory working stability in January 3000. A factory poem about a factory is bad to do this year stood looking around everywhere to see the machine in the plant to turn the sunshine censer diao cigarette is a spare some time workers also know hate no work, tired of subjugation phase close relatives and friends, ask only said the factory is very difficult to mix until snowcapped doesn't live dry eye hair straight asked her to have much sorrow hope can as soon as possible in 1 a shenzhen boss frustration and despair because debt problems, these days I have been urging the king boss reimbursement. King was educated boss, for a young man like me telephone urged everyday, smile to face every time, never show any dissatisfaction. He is the big boss of shenzhen, and I'm just a small clerk, a shenzhen company identity and status of head did not cause we both communication obstacles, thanks to his magnanimous formed and has been carefully. Each a seemingly successful people can understand the bitterness is not behind the others. As a with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience of wang's boss, the once called the most open city in China - — Shenzhen, has made him feel more and more. He do industry, the main customers are state-owned enterprises and listed companies, if this in the past, it was a very good business. But the economic downward pressure is huge, this sounds like a good business in the past, has become a source of his pain. Customer receivable are getting slower and slower and payment days longer and longer, according to the normal financial algorithm, the average every single had 36% of the gross profit, this is fairly good industry and income, but now the customer money don't come back, from the original payment days a month a settlement, become now half a year a settlement, the king the boss his large mat endowment, under pressure. King the boss of the company is a production-oriented chemical silicone raw materials enterprises, there is a factory of nearly 300 people, according to the wages in shenzhen now, together with his product technology content is higher, better employee treatment natural, staff now is mean monthly salary of 5000 yuan, plus all sorts of insurance and accumulation fund, every month he will bear the cost of each employee more than 6000 yuan. Is the human cost of this item, he spending nearly 2 million yuan every month. Plus a factory building, electricity, water, taxes and fees and all kinds of public relations fees, spending more than $3 million a month. This 3 million yuan expenses were paid to rain or shine. The problem is, the products produced and sold, but it has not to recover payment for goods. Of his own estimate it in the first half of this year, he has paid $thirty million in payment for goods. And according to the current situation, only may the more mat.
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