The silicone key processing plant - Dongguan silicone phone key-press plant

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-20
Silicone key processing factory understand equipment process, usually require a separate development mold equipment buttons, select the appropriate materials, LOGO and packing with customers own request, this product can meet the specific USES. Professional equipment customization service must allow customers to really understand the silicone industry, know us as a silica gel products factory transparent processing and customized services. Silicone key processing factory silicone factory which good: is a remote control device for the remote control machine. Modern wireless remote control is a kind of wireless transmitting device, it can be through modern digital coding techniques, the key information coding, the transmission light waves by the infrared diode, light waves by the receiver of the infrared receiver to receive the infrared signal into electrical signal, into the processor to decode, demodulating the corresponding instructions to achieve control set-top boxes and other equipment to complete the required operation requirements. So when choosing custom wireless remote control buttons, which asked to need to pay attention to? Dongguan factory silicone buttons recommendations: 1, told the staff on the day of production model capacity target and bad control range, told employees must complete the task of achieving goals is the day, beyond the embodiment of the target is a personal ability, and will be recorded in the recommendation that a column for reference; 2, guide the staff to achieve one do, two, three tracking refers to the first one do do it again and look for staff to tell their processing quality requirements, the production techniques of silicone buttons, let staff to quickly understand; 2 see refers to looking at employee production operation, find errors in a timely manner to correct, and please employees a way to develop methods for employees with innovation have a better way to can adopt and support; Three tracking refers to the production process in each time period for employees to follow production status to deal with problems in a timely manner; 3, ready to take the lead role, law of the people first self-critical, guide the staff have correct ideas values! Of silicone key processing factory telephone: one, the preparation process, as long as it is silicone material products require some material ready for injection; Second, the molding part, this is all the silicone products need through links, p + r buttons is not exceptional also, is the plastic raw material into the injection molding machine, through the injection molding machine can be made into we want to product specifications appropriate to the size of the plastic key cap; Three, silica gel lined with key forming link, will be ready for the silicone material first in silicone vacuum molding machine, mold, low-temperature sulfide out we want size specifications of the silicone liner key four, screen printing process, we jiahao honey also detailed mentioned before, this is the silicone buttons products generally need to process, product surface is to make the buttons we want characters and design; Five, the spraying process, the product must be silicone buttons to use technology, spray a layer of the surface is the key product oil color of color, extinction, enhanced material to handle, beautiful surface, and so on; Six, laser carving craft, the jiahao honey wrote the article the station, can go to understand this article, a detailed introduction of radium vulture button seven, punching process, punching process is mainly out of the plastic with a punch press key cap assembly when the required shape and size; Eight, edge down the link, the main is p + r buttons after forming around the need to disassemble the side; Nine, assembly link, has the following four links (1) brush treating agent, silicone liner key-press function silicone lined with buttons and bonding agent have stronger viscosity; (2) the plastic key caps, silicone lined with buttons in the correct order and direction of emissions in the assembly fixture; (3) in the silica gel lined with key point the right amount of binder; (4) by pressing machine to plastic cap and silicone lined with keys together.
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