The silicone key technology

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-19
Silicone key technology in the first place, the silicone long life, silica gel products chemical performance is stable, a molding silicone products, we make an effort to pull it, soon it will be the same, this is enough to justify his softness, and not easy to deformation. In addition to the color is very diverse silicone products, we can according to different requirements, allocate different color, make the product more beautiful appearance, this accords with the demand of the remote control buttons, is also very special keys with special color. Need evening light remote control button, for example, we will be in the silicone raw materials adding luminescent powder made of fluorescent silica gel. Silicone key technology silicone products factory silicone technology: now our household remote control button material usually is the use of silica gel production, production methods through silica gel products factory raw material processing and become, after high temperature vulcanization molding production, the original keys are made from plastic material and metal copper spring, but in the use of a period of time after the keys surrounding phenomenon is smooth, after decades of change, now is used by the remote control all appliances mall silica gel production, due to the silicone products with good softness, wear resistance, electrical insulation performance is good, in a remote control with soft material to make it and have a good hot air permeability performance, a few years ago we phone key also gradually began to use the silica gel, so the silicone material or get a good application. Silica gel where is the key technical difficulties: so it is related to people's lives and wash, our lives are often use these silicone products key, mobile phone keys in life, automobile motorcycle remote control button, computer keyboard key, DVD, VCD, remote control, etc. , these silicone buttons have wear-resisting, feel is good, not easy contorts, can use for a long time, etc. These silicone products keys are often very complicated production process to finished products, including the first preparation, mixing, hydraulic forming, processing, screen printing, surface treatment, such as injection process can be made into finished products, so a small silicone products button and is the crystallization of worker pay a lot of hard work! This is you don't know the silica gel products button. Silicone key technology research: for many design company, key structure design is not a problem, but want to achieve technological effects, some feel some difficult without expert designers. Want to let the buttons have pervious to light effect when, for example, some designers will refer back to your cell phone buttons designed plastic material. But in fact, acrylic, plastic, silicone these three materials can be pervious to light effect. First say silicone button pervious to light, its production technology is first spraying again radium vulture, first the function of spraying is first the whole product is coated with a layer of not pervious to light camouflage, is the role of radium vulture wants pervious to light of characters carved, remove the color of the surface coating, show the silicone ecru ( Spraying two buttons after laser carving, the color of the spray can show times) , through the light, have the sunscreen protection spray coating, laser carving characters can direct light. Customer will ask for this, to think, from the perspective of customers in order to save time, with a fast time to find suitable for their products button, that is better. There is one possibility is that the customer came to jiahao honey's official website, see web site product classification, classification a classification according to the use, technology classification, P + R classification and material classification. Including classification under the various styles of silicone buttons, so customers will have been browsing right product key. If you find the right keys will be actively looking for customer service to ask, not to turn off the web directly. Has been like this, and then slowly to find in the vast network. The above is about silicone key technology related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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