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by:Smily Mia     2020-11-08
Silicone keyboard keys conductive adhesive key failure reason is mainly due to the conductive coating conductive material wear due to the use of long time press defects, or because the long-term use of gather dust on the surface of conductive materials such as impurities affect the work of conductive materials, resulting in the failure of the conductive adhesive keys. So, for the repair of conductive adhesive silicone buttons if brought together a large number of dust impurities can be cleaned with alcohol conductive material, can also in conductive material and PCB contact point increase some conductive material, such as a pencil on the point of contact friction could well increase the conductivity. Custom silicone keyboard keys on the keyboard silicone buttons: 1, radium vulture silicone button, the button has a characteristic, is the key character can be pervious to light, the brightness is relatively low in the daytime, but at night or dark corner of the characters on the buttons is very bright, because the buttons are special processing through laser carving technology, it can make buttons inside lights shining. 2, oil spraying silver silicone buttons, these buttons are usually used in imitation of metal style of home appliances, such as fans, washing machines, looking like on the surface of metal manufacturing, when you have a press handle is soft. 3, screen printing silicone buttons, like this is very common, in the home most use this TV remote control, air conditioning remote control, its composition is the silicone + screen printing ink. 4, glue, silicone buttons here to explain the glue is divided into two kinds of 'soft rubber and hard drops glue, is missing a landline phone button, on the surface of crystal clear, like crystal, characters are covered under the drops of glue, press up to feel is smooth, and will not lead to character because of pressure loss. 5, luminescent fluorescent silica gel, just as its name implies is a light buttons, adopts the phosphors is also called noctilucent powder, manufactured with ordinary silica gel, button in the corner secretly and you will find it a light green. Silicone keyboard button manufacturer which good: take recently and jiahao honey reached cooperation of zhejiang customers to said to you, the customer is to customize a car steering wheel dial the piece of silicone buttons, jiangsu and many people know that silicone products open mould cost especially low, why don't you choose in the local open mold, can also solve the problem of trust. With this doubt, small make up information to follow up the customer's business director wu, director wu said: 'indeed, jiangsu and zhejiang area of the mould cost or do the goods unit price is lower than the price of our company, but the customer key not only for service and delivery requirements, quality is Paramount. Jiangsu and zhejiang area only have advantage price, mould quality and is far less than we do goods quality! This is why we can win the trust of the customers. Dongguan keyboard silicone factory telephone: this large instrument equipment buttons always pay attention to quality, the service life of the product appearance, feel or, have higher requirements, so with custom silicone buttons and metal panel should pay attention to is first choice of factories, some small workshops price relatively attractive, but they didn't complete equipment, personnel is not enough, not only unable to complete a complex process, ensuring quality, also have no way to guarantee delivery date. Instead a supplier of high quality, not only can delivery on time and qualified, but also can provide your custom with a reasonable solution. When choosing suppliers, can go to the field or through the network know more about, choose to have ability to customize button manufacturer. Secondly to ensure that the metal panels and silicone buttons to cooperate, can't shake loose phenomenon, the panel can be chosen to punch holes, etc. Recently a friend do testing instrument with me to complain, said their company's products need to do adjustment, redesign based on old product appearance before the upgrade. Everything goes well, the other only stumbled on design keys, because the boss demanded that can no longer use plastic buttons, have to upgrade to the silicone button. Listen to the friend say for half a month, always feel is not good, tried several times to call sample cannot solve key rebound, a key, short service life and so on. The above is about the silicone keyboard keys related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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