The silicone pervious to light buttons - Dongguan silicone pervious to light button custom phone factory

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-07
Silicone pervious to light button 3, production mold or production equipment as well as the surrounding dirt is more, the product in the process of production will cause cavity there is a lot of dirt, then fluorescence silicone buttons will cause in the process of forming the situation of the impurities, for this kind of situation we need to do clean production mold, the production equipment on a regular basis. Silicone pervious to light buttons: custom manufacturer for everyone to introduce what is on-board silicone buttons, vehicle-mounted silicone buttons is to use the car keys, it USES silicon as a raw material which is produced by key products, silicone buttons has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, resistance to environmental fatigue resistance, electrical insulation, etc. , so often referred to as 'on-board silicone buttons. In automobile interiors now has a lot of buttons, then you know what? Below small make up will come to show you what I learned the on-board silicone buttons. Silicone pervious to light key silicone pervious to light the wholesale price: then I looked at the drawings that customer, this is on me oh no household water dispenser on silica gel according to the above, it is also a single point of silicone keys, but is to screen printing. Is the supply silicone buttons. May not know the name of the still has a lot of small make up, but do not represent jiahao honey products factory can't production, please remember jiahao honey products factory was focused on the silicone products, miscellaneous pieces of silicone, silicone buttons have all kinds of medical grade silicone products open mould custom silicone products factory. Dongguan silicone factory which good pervious to light buttons: small make up today for a video shooting, painting workshop found that the weight measuring instrument is P + R buttons for injection process, small make up met the needs of the fuel injection process of most products are silicone keys, and the P + R buttons are to be of injection. Ask colleagues just know, this product is exported to Japan, as you all know, Japan is a country is very strict with product quality, especially their developed electronic industry, and we produce this kind of P + R buttons also happens to be used in Japan for some top grade weight measuring instrument, so the customer also to weight measuring instrument feel is put forward the technical requirements of P + R buttons - — Spray UV oil.
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