The silicone touch buttons

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-10
Silicone touch key general motors single point silicone products elasticity bad words first may be the silicone raw materials may have a problem, at the same time may be higher hardness silicone products with packing, need you to confirm the silicone raw material product is qualified, so we can try to reduce the hardness of the reclaimed rubber, or you can add a small amount of silicone oil, the amount must be good control, this can be very good to softening of silicone buttons, but the amount must be appropriate, if already after vulcanization silicone buttons, then there is no way to become soft silicone touch key custom silicone touch buttons: a product is relatively complex, screen printing color complex, this is just the technology in basic, if you need some make light effects for the keys more trouble, Industry jargon: radium vulture silicone buttons) As a procurement, the most worried about is the delivery date. But for a good supplier, not only to satisfy this, delivery, quality, service, professional degrees are short of one cannot. We always wu often said: 'we don't compete on price with counterparts, low price means low quality and poor service, so for a long time, will only do not the market. Jiahao honey, only we do for our customers, with our good quality, professional technology to service them! Dongguan silicone touch button manufacturer: the early shape of acrylic buttons are usually yakeli board, and then by laser cutting, laser cutting is to guarantee the benefits of cutting edge smooth high requirements. Acrylic has the advantages of high transparency and the real key point is not that acrylic acrylic panel key, but the silicone buttons with acrylic adhesive. In the silica gel surface spraying laser carving processing, to make the button really reach the effect of pervious to light. Silicone touch button factory which good: first: the silicone button if the surface is not clean, or other material because the button surface is mixed and pollution, so in the process of silicone screen printing, printing ink cannot be completely and silica gel products contact, because of the ink is not fully penetrated into the silicone buttons, is easy to cause character a wipe it off. Second: after the printing process, all need after high temperature baking can let the ink dry in a short time, so that it can be completely adsorbed onto the surface of the silica gel key-press, if, in the process of high temperature baking temperature is not up to par or baking time is too short, so screen printing ink can't completely cured, can also cause character a wipe it off. Again: when debugging inks, technicians forget what add to silk screen printing ink curing agent is also is easy to erase. And forget the curing agent of printing silicone buttons no matter how long to bake or high temperature will drop. First of all, the problem that several ways: (1) you find silicone products factory is professional manufacturer of custom silicone buttons, basically see the same type of silicone products; (2) whether the factory has engineering technical support, (3) the size of the silica gel products factory is big enough, not to say that it is good, but at least the quality delivery better than mill type factory; (4) to see if the silicone factory after the process is complete, so ensure that process design is not affected. Above is about silicone touch keys related content, please telephone contact us: if you need custom silicone products - 400 0769 - 878, or directly landing jiahao honey jas website for details: WWW. weishungj。 com
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