The twists and straw stars

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-25
1, put straw press flat, folded into a right Angle, there will be a small triangle. ( Open you will find that there is a diagonal crease) 2, fold under pressure in the straw to the above, then fold below the root also to the above. 3, then the original small triangle into two ( A square) Impreaaion nip backward, the relatively thick triangle. 4, according to (2) the method of folding straw, twice a fold fold triangle. Method to you can fold in one out of a small triangle, about to fold the loosen them when I was about 5. 5, get a triangle is at each end around and together, the other a few Angle of pressure, so that there will be a square. Two straw successively to fold to them on the side of ( In the bottom of the straw to fold) in the past , the pressure Angle can be cleared away. Has been has been folded, triangle was slowly formed. 6, such as the two straws are folding short then find the stars of a through and complete. After the completion of the can put the two root out of a straw to cut it off.
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