The use of straw factory tell you straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-08
Straw factory tell you use straw as the sealing clamp opened mouth snacks eat, be afraid of be affected with damp be affected with damp, how to do? Small straw to rescue, with a straw through the mouth, cut another straw set up, and was made into a sealing clamp, later any further not be affected with damp be affected with damp! Prevent knot necklace girl necklace always intertwined, is a very headache problem, small straw to rescue, the necklace at one end into the straws, through the straw after the necklace clasp, knot later any further need not worry about them! Small soft straws in the handy man hand woven material can conjure up many different modelling! Can be life supplies, flower basket, storage basket, also can be a toys, cars, bicycles, small horn. Straw bubble instant noodles, instant noodles the journey always bubble tight because of the untight seal, have stomach trouble people eat is easy to cause stomach pain, how to do? Small straw to rescue, can find a curved straw, digging set in the instant noodles pincer-like device can seal up the opening sealed. Pour tomato ketchup very thick are baffled when eating out at a time, how to do? Small straw to rescue, insert a straw into, ketchup will follow the straw out! Baby do manual soft easy modelling of small straw is good manual material oh, children can make flower stems, small crab feet? Creative creativity thinking to plug in the wings, small straw can help you release imagination, creativity, make all sorts of fun and interesting model. Used to drink bottled drinks according to the survey by mouth directly on the beverage bottle will drink a lot of bacteria in the mouth, and easier to plague, drink through a straw can be perfect to eliminate this risk, but also very stylish! Do small straw crafts are on the processing can also become a big place! Put in the home environment beautiful. Baby baby drink medicine medicine many are infusion of class, the baby is difficult to set the bowl to drink, is a good way to through a straw. Used as tie bar there are many kinds of color of the line in the home, want to arrange together, and the colour is bright and good search, straw is a good helper oh, can put different color the first wind in a long straw, later will be very convenient to use! Straw painting pigments and straws, play to their creativity, blow out your work! Arranging flowers will open to encase stem straws plane, and then, with adhesive plaster can support them well, flower arrangement effect is very good. Take strawberry's take strawberry lane in strawberry juice every time, hate, through a straw from the tip of the strawberry insertion force one tong, strawberry came down, never got in strawberry juice. Take often need to take the lemon juice, lemon juice life very bad operation, and squeeze juice not clean, the lemon peel a piece, and then insert a straw, with a squeeze of lemon juice from the straw inside out. Similarly can take other similar fruit juice, such as, orange, grapefruit, tomato, etc.
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