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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-27
Speaking of new silicone products, appear on the market in recent years, a lot of creative gifts, 'silica gel' had already become a hot search words in our life, when it comes to most of the accessories supplies must has certain correlation with silica gel material, whether in life or in various industries, as long as in the above product design and metal, rubber and plastic, electronic components collocation and can play a role of silicone products, silicone products must on innovation and performance are constantly improve, such as small make up to know life can play a role in some parts and products recommend for everybody! Electric toothbrush appeared on the market and some time, but it is possible that many friends are learned before using nylon brush material of brush head cover their hand also is with plastic material, but the silicone brush also gradually became popular in recent years, is a very practical necessities of green environmental protection, mainly adopts three hardware + silicone + electronic material collection, including hardware mainly to the toothbrush tail, and the strengthening and firm action to ensure the service life of the toothbrush, the main functions of the silicone is soft and comfortable, and feel the quality of the brush head can achieve a certain effect, in the silicone products manufacturer USES high tensile food grade raw material production, combined with electric electronic intelligence effect for the consumer to win more satisfactory results! Kitchen utensils and appliances is a kind of life can't be ignored articles for daily use, especially children tableware can't be ignored is the security problem is quite important, so environmental health to recommend a silicone meal tray, compared with other ceramic plates and plastic trays for green, pay more attention to environmental protection, and no lack most is for the silicone products shape modelling, so children are special on tableware can make all sorts of different shapes and various colors, let the child saw the creative dish immediately filed a appetite, and in the process of using the bottom of the suction cups can be close to the desktop, do not have to worry about broken phenomenon. For sewage leakage is always a stinky smell? Because different pipe cover is missing, a few dollars of silicone rubber products to help you solve! To drain smells like a family, I think I have more than one even a floor drain cover seal can be a little flavor, so small make up recommend this gadget for you, the silicone seal set, generally can be bought on the net and order according to the size of the different requirements of different styles, above the color also can choose favorite color, hurriedly to buy one for your bathroom or kitchen to eliminate smell! Dongguan silicone manufacturers - Jiahao honey jas ( www。 smilymia。 com)
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