Transparent silicone buttons - Manufacturer of custom transparent silicone buttons

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-26
Transparent silicone buttons - Manufacturer of custom transparent silicone buttons telephone transparent silicone key just as its name implies is to have a transparent silicone, glue is transparent, the color of the transparent silicone buttons is generally lighter silicone buttons. This is also lead to a transparent silicone buttons the main reason for the high production cost. See above this section you may also don't understand why the expensive transparent silicone buttons, small make up just tell me the detail below. Transparent silicone buttons for glue is transparent, there is some dirt on the surface, gas mark, pinhole, bubble is in the clear, thus greatly increasing the production difficulty silicone buttons, the cost is also will be improved. Transparent silicone key transparent silicone custom: common granular to silicone buttons are used as the conductive contact, do you ever seen a gold-plated grain? Jiahao honey, recently received an inquiry of auto switch buttons, the customer is assigned to use gold plated conductive grain, gold-plated relatively high grain prices than granular on many, so why car silicone buttons can take gold plated grain? The advantage of gold-plated grain again? Is essentially the difference between the first, and materials. Followed by the performance, the conventional resistance of conductive carbon granule can only be reached around 100 euro, but gold plated grain resistance control within 1 euro. Relatively speaking, the lower the resistance, the sensitivity of key is higher, so the gold-plated grain used to have a certain requirements for acuity silicone buttons. Such as military keys, car keys, instruments and meters silicone key and so on transparent silicone manufacturers: radium vulture key specifications: material: silica gel material; Process: silica gel material molding, screen printing, oil spraying, laser carving, edge; Color can be done: common colors are black, gray, white, blue, green, purple, any color; Application: toys button, calculator, bank password, scanner key, keys, machine equipment, etc. ; Features: the column drop button material, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless. Radium vulture bad reason commonly used laser carving technology of radium vulture may appear when the bad situation, mainly because the parameter is not set, the initial delay and end delay bad cooperation, in addition it is possible that the paint spray is not uniform. Of course, you will be too much power of the edge looks will film, but in fact play jiao, focal type buttons will lead to bad, the solution is the machine parameters to adjust, also can use alcohol to clean the laser carving equipment. Factory telephone: transparent silicone buttons below jiahao honey and simple introduction for everyone the hole on the silicone buttons in addition to the fixed seat, and has other function. , if you watch carefully the silicone button hole position, you will find that hole is generally presents the triangle. Do you ever think about why? This is because the polygon, the triangle is firmly fixed seat. But there are certain, that is, when you look in the silicone products, hole is asymmetric, have this kind of reason, because the customer in the process of assembly, can be placed in employee put wrong, our silicone button hole is called a fool proof. Electronic lock as the name suggests is the electrical signal to control the door lock, has the very big difference with ordinary lock, not with a key to turn on, but a kind of or through the password to control circuit ( Access control system) To control the closing of the mechanical switch, lock, lock task of electronic products. A wide variety of electronic lock for example: the safe electronic lock, stainless steel door locks, store content ark combination lock and so on. The electronic lock is a kind of silicone buttons using silicone raw materials manufacturing and become key, used for electronic lock the operation of the control panel to complete the password input, so called electronic lock silicone buttons. Production process: transparent silicone buttons below small make up to make a brief introduction of jiahao honey and the content of the launch button custom service to clients: one, the key to open mold custom conditions: 1, only provide samples, can open mold custom; 2, provide 3 d drawing files, can open mold custom; 3, provide product image file shell, can open mold customization. Second, according to different customer customization requirements and quantity of single silicone buttons, jiahao honey and launch the following a few custom services: 1, for the silicone button only sample cases, introduce professional proofing services, providing customers with worry, efficient, high-quality proofing custom silicone buttons, solve the problem of repeated sample proofing. 2, silicone buttons for customers under the condition of single quantity is little, launch small batch customization 'of services, providing customers with convenient, efficient, high quality silica gel key-press customization, no factory attaches great importance to solve the small batch customization, product production cycle longer problem; 3, according to the customer is under the condition of the development of new suppliers, launch jiahao honey recommendation service projects, fast to meet customer production and product quality problems, silicone buttons jiahao honey, three silica gel products factory welcome you; 4, in view of the customer is the absence of the engineer, buyer or launch design advice customized services, provide for the customer save worry, save trouble, direct custom service, resolve customer design problems, because the silicone buttons mold modified problem caused by the products
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