Understand how straw washing

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-12
Abstract: understand how straw washing: to check the straw fluently before washing and drainage mouth, must be intact. Straw generally first rinse with tap water, and then use chromic acid washing lotion, lotion to be full of the whole pipe, 1 ~ 2 min park, lotion bottle back into the original. Use lotion after wash and drain lotion, washing adequately with tap water, washed with distilled water three times again. Wash good straw must reach the bottom of the inner and the outer wall does not hang water, put it in a clean straw on the shelf. Suction operation: before apply the solution, blow out although the remaining water, then the pipette tip with filter paper inside and outside water wipe, and then move to apply the solution washing three times, in order to ensure the move in the operation of the solution concentration is constant. Note that don't make the solution reflux, in order to avoid dilution and staining solution. Take to take solution, insert the pipette tip under the liquid level 1 ~ 2 cm. Pipette tip should not stretch into liquid level too deep, so as to avoid tube outer wall adhesion solution too much; Should not stretch into too little, otherwise empty absorption after drawdown. When the tube surface by the suction of washing ears ball slowly rises, pipette tip should be with liquid in the container falls below. When the tube liquid level rise to scale above, remove the washing ears ball, quickly with the right hand index finger plug nozzle, the pipe, leave the liquid level. A little loose right index finger ( Reduce the index finger pressure, be careful not to leave the nozzle) , with your right thumb and middle finger gently twist and turn to play, make the surface smooth and slow down, until the solution of curved liquid surface is relatively low and the scale edge tangent, the line of sight and edge scale in the same horizontal plane, immediately stop twisting motion with the index finger press tight nozzle, keep the inner wall of the container with the suction mouth contact, adsorbed on the suction mouth to remove the droplet. Remove the straw, and insert to undertake immediately solution vessels, tilting vessel and pipe upright, loosen the index finger, let tube solution freely along the wall down, moreover docked 30 seconds. In the process of the emissions and wait, flow inlet tip keeping contact with the inner wall of the container. For single line straws, after being drawdown to the pipette tip, waiting for 15 s and remove a straw. Use dividing straws took the solution move, absorbing solution and adjustment of the liquid level to top line operation is the same as the single line straws. To use forefinger put fluid control nozzle, make the surface slowly down to the required scale tangent, hold the nozzle, then a straw removed from the receiving vessel. Straw after use rinse with water immediately, and then rinse clean with distilled water, put straw shelf. Set aside.
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