Use a straw to easily squeeze of lemon juice

by:Smily Mia     2020-08-31
Lemon is one of the famous medicinal value of fruit, it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and so on, is very beneficial to human body. Especially when doing western food, dessert often use lemon juice. However, only a few drops of lemon juice, lemon in two with a knife to cut, but not the rest of the lemon to save again. Recently, some netizens said, with the aid of straw, can easily squeeze lemon juice. Is this true? Experiment to prepare 1 lemon, straws, cups, experiment process, the lemon soft, a little with the hand, make the inside of the lemon pulp and lemon soft every one a little outside. Residents can choose to put lemon in the chopping board, table and other hard surface knead move, also can be directly put in his hand a few times. If you don't want to rub, citizens can also put lemon into the microwave, microwave heating for 10 seconds. 2, the lemon convex side with a knife cut off the tip. Then capture part of the straw, the length is slightly longer than the length of a lemon. Remember to return a straw with sharp part. 3, insert the straw with pointed a lemon slice. 4, at this point, can squash with the hand holding the lemon. At this time, you will find that the lemon juice is very easy to be squeezed out, and all along the straws flowing downwards, no splash all over the place. Extrusion is a clean cup of lemon juice, lemon seed be pushed down. The experimental principle of the lemon and knead, in order to make lemon it softer; Insert a straw, lemon juice is the direction of the drainage, won't be around splash, and effectively the lemon seed block within a lemon. If the straw from the lemon, it's easy to squeeze the lemon, lemon juice, and lemon seed will splashed all over the place. At the same time, a complete lemon, its size is more suitable for hand grip, easy, is squeeze of lemon juice. And the rest of the lemon can with plastic wrap, in the fridge, easy to save.
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