Use disposable beverage straws straw drinking 'Bai Fu beauty' contentious

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-17
In vancouver HBIC the opening of a reality show, a Chinese girl tsundere Chelsea a face lift up your face, proud and confident of metaphor said to myself: 'if I were the beef, is kobe beef. 'When China into the night, the vancouver sun is rising quietly. And with their distance from us, but beyond geographical and time difference when simple difference. In China's media widely reported recently, these girls are described as 'deliberately to show off the rich second generation', 'Chinese society of poison'. Often mentioned by the media scene is four leading luxury dinner in the restaurant, they ordered 1995 latour wine, in order not to dirty your teeth with a drinking straw drinking. By Chinese netizens accused of being aggrieved said the girl 'nine times out of ten is the officer the second generation'. Some netizens said: I live in vancouver, these children to change frequency than I buy clothes often. But in the producer's view, the 'princess' in the film is a group of 'smart, independent aspirant girl. ' They are beautiful, confident, have received higher education, and was determined to develop my own business. But producers can't understand why people treat these girls with 'vendetta', he thought that the world must have rich and poor, fat, but it does not mean that a part of people qualified to accuse a group of other people. Western media on the topic about China are almost always negative, said China's rich second generation, China's pollution is serious, more fake and inferior products, and so on. Producers think so, because no one to foreign people to present the Chinese image of the other. He thinks that if the rich man is a man of sense of responsibility, integrity, to make money through their own efforts, and strive for the social service, isn't this better? This is I want to be expressed through the film. Let them see actually rich Chinese and they want to is not the same.
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