Use inferior straw, may do harm to health

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-29
A small straw, itself the quality problem of the damage is very big. Some cheap plastic straw, using industrial-grade polyethylene, or plastic, etc. Producers are those colorful straws to hide its texture, use paint to cover. These inferior straw in high temperature, produce naphthalene, harmful material such as vinyl small molecules, use for a long time will affect the liver, blood disease or neurological diseases. Believe this everybody is very familiar with, take a straw into the cup in the shop, mouth a containing a suck, drink into the belly. These simple steps performed in many people, almost every day in our daily life, plastic straws can be seen everywhere, people usually drink soya-bean milk, milk, milk tea is inseparable from it. However, medical experts warn that the small plastic straw may exist great health risks, step carefully to disease from 'tube'. Jiahao honey and plastic products co. , LTD. , dongguan city, is a domestic national health standard drink straws professional production and processing enterprises, the production environment is good, strong technology, complete production equipment, with scientific and standardized product quality guarantee system and perfect health security system. The company warmly welcome new and old customers to visit, work together to create a better future!
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