Using a glass pipette or into the future trend

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-29
Lin Tian such as the department of theater art, national sun yat-sen university, itself is a very love drink hand, under the love to drink and to balance environmental, choose to buy glass pipe, reducing the use of plastic straw, as his in daily life, practice a little heart of environmental sustainable development. Coming no matter hot summer or cold winter, can often see pictures of people in the streets and a hand drink, but you may not know is that a part of the beverage cup because the inner plastic coating often lead to recovery is difficult, because the volume is too small, and straw recycling economic value is low, almost impossible to be recycled, just to participate in the Ministry of Education of the youth development program 'BBS - 2017 young global trends Sustainable development Lin Tian such as youth initiative ', decided to hand a cup glass to replace plastic straws straw to drink. '2017 BBS - young global trends Youth initiative on sustainable development on October 28, 29, a successful ending from the United States, Britain, Canada, Guatemala, Dominican republic, Israel, Latvia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia and other 15 countries, youth delegation with domestic concern for the environment sustainable development issues of young students, joint force of 'citizen', and 'climate change' and 'green consumption' condensed out of the three major BBS issues multinational youth initiatives. 'Green consumption', for example, issues span the food clothing live line oriented, along with the United States, Thailand and Indonesia youth representative 'green consumption' youth initiative Lin Tian such as action, referring to his childhood exposure issues related to environmental protection, after discussing with youth delegates, learned that the green consumption is not just to buy goods with green logo, less to buy imported products, less meat is one of the green consumption. Lin Nianci Taiwan girl for a few days ago called on women in Nepal in a natural raw material sewn not to injure the environment of health cotton cloth, by the British broadcasting corporation ( 英国广播公司) Selected as this year's top one hundred women, youth in initiatives, content, also referred to sanitary napkins, square in February as change target legal by listing in Taiwan the moon in the cup, cup from the sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins to the moon, behind represent not only is to reduce the consumption of one-time synthetic cotton products, more representative response for a sustainable way of life.
In the past few decades, silicone straws production has increased because of the use of plastic straw replacement.
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