Waterproof silicone buttons - Custom waterproof silicone button factory phone number

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-22
Waterproof silicone buttons below small make up a brief introduction, we a jiahao honey and lanzhou military region military enterprise cooperation. Before the military enterprise do silicone buttons, because the quantity is not many, and find the silicone button manufacturer is give them do some appearance can match case, but don't know how bad the function, the silicone buttons load and no requirements, key blow life can also don't know how many time, not to mention the silicone key confidentiality agreement and the structure optimization adjustment. Waterproof silicone buttons are custom silicone buttons: but the client does not understand the production process of pervious to light silicone buttons, also don't know why the characters can be pervious to light, so the engineer went to production line to take various processes of standard card sample provided to the client, and explain one by one, this just understand customers, also admits: jiahao honey is indeed a very professional, the service is also very thoughtful silicone products company. Look really satisfied customers, business executives immediately samples were evaluated bid for buttons, also will be the cost of each production process the ability to tell the customer, customer also feel very comfortable, was immediately to determine the content of the contract, let's take the samples to copy number of mould, ready for production. Waterproof silicone keypad manufacturer: in dealing with every inquiry, I am very sincere to serve you, in fact ask you to QQ and phone just for the purpose of better and more convenient to communicate with you, of course, if not really want to custom silicone buttons just to make an inquiry, I will not reject to make friends with you, but I think between people and people should not just suspicion and mistrust, avoid a warmly only heart, really hurt! This feeling is certainly not only we do silicone key customer service, hope everybody can the perspective-taking once, customer service is to provide services to solve all problems for you, so what's the demand or open said it straight is better. Factory: dongguan waterproof silicone buttons also introduces extinction oil injection technology is spray, spray extinction ink also can improve the feel of key product, while making key product surface not to produce stained with dirt and dust, it is general and spray pu tied for the silicone button after the procedure in the process of product manufacturing. After the injection process, production is not yet complete, we need to bake the injection process after the products, we need to use temperature range in 200 degrees commonly the baking machine baking of more than 30 minutes of time to truly complete friend silicone buttons products process.
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