What are popular science silicone button function, it can be used for which parts of the world

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-08
Button button is one of the indispensable one kind of accessories of electronic products, in the early eighty s has been applied in electronic components, silicone button is used to connect or disconnect control circuit, and the control of the electric current is very small, it can achieve low current effect and applied to the current many electronic remote control and switch of electric equipment, learn from the side, you have learned about the role of the silicone button and the parameter is introduced in more detail? Button in the early time of material is mainly composed of plastic, ABS, PBT, POM material such as custom, and with the development of industrial technology upgrade, silica gel products gradually from military to civilian use, the key product is gradually accepted by consumers, such as electronic industry one of the indispensable one kind of accessories, has been widely used in calculators, telephones, electronic toys and machine learning, silicone buttons digital keys. In the early ninety s with the development of industrial technology progress and manufacturers began to rise, make a lot of silicone buttons to process exploration research, from the beginning of the conductive black grain to spray coating conductive ink, from the beginning of the monochrome printing gradually developed to fill oil process, from monochrome to multicolor secondary molding process, molding development make silicone products industry gradually began to rise, more and more since the silicone button processing plants in small workshops, small shape gradually expand to the formal integration. And silicone buttons up to now are able to get the advantages of using main advantage lies in the material market is more outstanding, gradually simplified production technology, market price also began to gradually clear, and it's advantage is more, the silicone buttons material resistant to high and low temperature performance is good, not easy to any material conflict, no ignition burning, etc. , and non-toxic tasteless, texture is soft, and green environmental protection is the real subject of it, so has been widely used in life. In addition to the material, the function of the silicone button life, also be the normal service life can be as high as three million times, load pressure in 40 to 500 grams left and right sides, contact resistance less than 150 ohms, silicone material elastic number not less than 1. 8 million times, of course, the above requirements of data test is carried out in accordance with the industry standard silicone buttons choice, for the silicone material tensile test and resistance of the ink selection has certain correlation, and basic functional can completely conform to the normal use of most of the electronic products to an end of life. Silicone button production process is a lot of consumers want to know a kind of process, it is mainly by the custom silicone products manufacturer in solid molding curing, the main parameters and product requirements can be through the guest requirements, such as resistivity, button press stress, damage rate and surface font and subject buttons technique selection can be prepared according to the needs of customers, such as double color button, printing design effect, the degree of filling oil thickness and so on.
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