What are the mobile phone silicone protective supplies manufacturer

by:Smily Mia     2021-10-20
In the second half of this year, there are many brand mobile phones are out of the new fund, which is associated with many merchants of smell in advance for the mobile phone silicon cases suppliers, design, customization is beautiful and useful phone sets, what is so good phone cases factory? Look at the dongguan jiahao honey, with the introduction of the liquid silicone mobile phone sets. Product description: name: liquid silicone protective case specification: can be customized various models of mobile phone case color: can be customised material: liquid silicone origin: dongguan USES: used for all kinds of mobile phone shell to protect the surface of the silica gel set of product features: as is known to all, all products using liquid silicone production has very good transparency, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, surface elasticity, high temperature resistant characteristics, also has certain yellow, waterproof and breathable performance; Because of liquid silicone protective sleeve has very good transparency, so when we are in the mold filling and cast material, which can be observed from the phenomenon of whether there are air bubbles and help to handle in time. Order process: we tested by customer send us the sample of the drawing - — For the sample mold development and design - — Then the sample proofing production - — Send us sample customer determine - — Mass production - — For effective quality - — Fast delivery, Generally seven working days to delivery) 。 Silica gel following from the design of environmental protection, have very strong anti-throw effect also increases at the same time feel comfortable, quadrilateral artists drop line, can protect the decompression, simple yet stylish, reveal an aura of nobility, outer quality environmental protection silicone material, feel soft, perfect fit phone contour. Personalise scratch-resistant layer, using resistance, single drop design, precise hole design, using silica gel polymer, make good bearing capacity, elegant and a symbol of the mature and spell able, calm, never curtain call on the stage of the fashion. Environmental protection silicone shell design, has the very strong anti-throw effect also increases at the same time feel comfortable, set on a mobile phone drop condoms, appearance is contracted, keeping pace with the modern style, their own individual icon allows you to not miss any important information, family and career double harvest. Artists drop line four edges of bag, can protect the decompression, following from hold it in hand very beautiful is very great, seconds ( Fashion) Got talent. Double silicone material of the shell body, let your love machine away from the daily knock against the fuselage damage, can let you enjoy the show MOE street again, now also send toughened membrane, highly recommended.
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