What is the price of silicone ice wholesale? This purchase the ice more money

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-05
Today in many parts of the northern temperature is as high as 40 degrees Celsius, so people have bigger demand for cold drinks, ice pattern and silica gel wholesale business good do. The ice is almost every family in the summer essential artifact, can easily DIY various shapes of ice and ice cream. Many buyers are a lot of stock at this time, in order to earn a sum of money. But wholesale ice-making case involves a wholesale price, if the silicone ice's price is too high, so the profit space is small, so hard a busy summer, but can't make much money. So find a ice low wholesale manufacturers is the key. So what kind of factory wholesale price low, the first is the ice in high efficiency. Because the factory production process, has a complete production mode and management, from mixing to product molding and packaging, has a complete link. Link is complete, the lower the production cost, don't want to some factories, he put the packaging link outsource to other packaging plant, that would increase the ice wholesale price. Second is to support the wholesale price according to PiFaLiang to order manufacturers, such as your wholesale ice pattern 1000, the wholesale price is 3 pieces /; Wholesale price is over 5000, 2. 3 yuan /; Wholesale price is over 10000, 1. 9 yuan/a. Because the manufacturer is cherish the old customer, when your PiFaLiang is larger, so he will put you as a customer long-term cooperation, so it will certainly give you the wholesale price is favorable. Above is jiahao honey on the ice, the wholesale price, hope to every buyer has certain help, the current though quite a few places in the rain, the weather is not hot, but soon in July, the temperature will reach more than 37 degrees Celsius. At that time is the hot season, the ice mold hope the purchasers as soon as possible to prepare goods, then to make another killing.
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