What kind of straw more environmental protection and health

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-11
Abstract: what kind of straw more environmental health? One-time straw is a kind of very small things, people usually drink soya-bean milk, milk, beverage, milk tea, use it. As people more and more attention to the food hygiene condition, as disposable catering supplies straw also attracted the attention of everyone, straw security alarm bells went off. 1, take a look at the product packaging production date, shelf-life, production license and QS quality certification marks is readily available, there are no black spots impurities or bubbles in the straw. 2, knead a pinch straws have obvious crease or easy to fracture, knead a pinch straws have flexibility, if there is no elastic is proved with relatively thin material, poor quality. 3, have pungent peculiar smell smell whether straw. 4, and more importantly do not use colorful straws. 'The more likely the more vivid colors which contains impurities, because the bright color can sometimes hide some impurities. ”
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