What kind of straws are of good quality

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-11
First 'look', straw packaging have QS logo; Straw without color is best, if there is one color, the security of straw will reduce, the darker the special attention; There are no black spots impurities or break the bubbles in the straw, if you have these products may have quality problems. Secondly 'smell', in the straw before contact beverage acrid smell a smell any peculiar smell, if it is possible that chemical damage your health. If finally began to knead a pinch, pinch the straw is flat without flexibility, then this straw material is thin, poor quality, easy to get sucked in the process of using a flat. Dongguan jiahao honey, science and technology co. , LTD. , and in 2008 the introduction of a batch of equipment in Taiwan, and master high technology, it can produce PP, PE, PC, PVC, PS, PETG, AS, ABS, all kinds of materials such AS straw, varieties have modelling straws, spiral pipe, double color straw, straight pipe, square tube shaped straw, can be customized according to customer requirements specifications, color, production, and cooperate with many famous enterprises in cup company and straws are sold at home and abroad. Straw material all original raw material, can be through a variety of testing and certification.
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