Why need the silicon rubber, finish see these you will understand!

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-14
Along with the user demand of silicone rubber products and research and development design, many products need to make the characteristics of different varieties of hot vulcanization silicone rubber put forward new requirements, so the performance of special silicone rubber appear constantly. Call special silicone rubber products in the industry, at present, and for the special adjustment of silicone rubber material is and what different? Adjustable silicone rubber products main role is in normal use performance when it reaches the requirement of less than expected, such as long-term use in stress is frequent, ozone environment on sex, etc. , product rebound is not strong enough to reach cushion performance, hardness too low or too high, and so on factors to reach customer requirement, not long customer demand, so a lot of silicone products manufacturer can be used for different product environment and use with different properties of raw materials so as to achieve special request! Unusual silicone rubber raw materials, methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber is also referred to as 'for phenyl silicone rubber, it is actually on the main chain of the silica plenty of methyl, a certain amount of phenyl vinyl and small amounts of crosslinking effect. Than by because of phenyl methyl vinyl silicone rubber heat resistance, radiation resistance or; And because of phenyl to enable it to work under the low temperature of 110 ℃ below zero degrees Celsius, is satellite and long-range missiles supporting material. To synthesize on the side chain of phenyl methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber have two ways, one is using methyl phenyl dichlorosilane as raw material, the other is to use diphenyl dichloride silane as raw materials. Because the former wants special synthetic special monomer is complicated, and the latter can be extracted from phenyl chlorosilane. Two routes are done in China. Chemical in 1968 in Shanghai to arrange the task of low temperature resistance, irradiation resistance silicone rubber. Shanghai resin factory ZhangJiKai, Zhou Chengxia using phenyl chlorosilane monomer of diphenyl dichlorosilane generated diphenyl silica link with dimethyl silica link block copolymerization. After five years of bitter synthesis of methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber in rubber products successfully used in the satellite under unit collaboration, missiles and nuclear submarines. In 1973 won the national defense major science and technology result. In 1974, the institute LianChunXie sunup company with such as illumination method of synthesis of methyl phenyl dichlorosilane, then with dimethyl dichloride silane and vinyl monomer steps, such as hydrolysis, cracking, fractionation, polymerization and the synthesis of methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber, used to space agency satellites of seal at low temperature. Irradiation resistant phenylene silicone rubber ( The phenyl silicone rubber) Came out in 1967, Beijing chemical industry research institute Dai Lianru, Zhang Diansong, Sun Yongzhou according to our country to build nuclear submarines need high temperature resistant, resistant to high dose gamma Ray and high neutron flux irradiation resistant elastomer. They are based on the investigation of the literature, summed up the two silicon atoms between phenyl phenylene silicone monomer preparation of phenylene silicone rubber irradiation resistant performance is good. So they use a certain risk of grignard reaction synthesis phenylene monomer, in the second year of basic conform to the requirements of the sample glue is developed. Task force in 1970 moved to sichuan fushun in the morning in a factory. Zhang Diansong, Sun Yongzhou, Chen Xianhui dozens of people and improve the quality of our rubber side do-it-yourself installed a set of 1 ton capacity of the pilot plant, synthetic phenylene silicone rubber. In the Shanghai institute of rubber products, Gu Senchang etc. , and other units to cooperate successfully trial-produced can withstand high dose gamma Ray and high neutron flux, resistant to radiation phenylene silicone rubber, in 1975 passed the ministerial appraisal. At the same time, in order to reduce costs, reduce the formation of by-products, developed by XiXuRong, big money drives many people better than grignard method for synthesis of sodium condensation method phenylene monomer was successful. Developed into a kind of high performance stabilized again phenyl ether tide benzene ether silicone rubber silicone rubber structure similar to that of phenylene silicone rubber. Molecular goes through the oxygen atoms connected to the silicon atoms. Wuhan institute of chemical industry in 1968 Yang Guangzhi, Li Fei peng and other people for the needs of the nuclear submarine development phenyl ether silicone rubber. Because of wuhan institute of chemical industry grignard method for synthesis of ethyl silicone oil useful experience, so use of benzene tide monomer and benzene ether monomers were synthesis by grignard method. Although the high cost of the adhesive has high strength, resistance to radiation; The high dose of gamma After radiation exposure, elongation is 70%, so by five machine department, seven machine department, and other units. The results through the appraisal of provincial bureaus, and wuhan city, hubei province scientific and technological progress second prize. Oil resistant and solvent resistance of the fluorine silicone rubber manufacture americans knew silicone rubber oil resistant and solvent resistance must be introduced in the molecular structure of silicon rubber fluorine carbon or cyano polarity. Also know that multinational companies have the LS - oil resistant and solvent resistance 53 fluorine silicone rubber, but they are afraid of it secret, even the samples are not sold to China, so Chinese its development. Last century 60 s, under the Shanghai HuaGongJu coordinate to solve the synthesis of fluorosilicone necessary, filling with 3 - on the silicon atoms Three fluorine monomer methyl. First four chloropropane synthesis by Shanghai gaoqiao chemical plant, made by Shanghai hongyuan chemical plants will four chloropropane filling - 3 Three fluoride acrylic, then made by Shanghai resin factory ( 3 filling - Three fluorine propyl) Methyl dichlorosilane, then hydrolyzed to three-ring body for polymer materials. And resin by chemical plant in Shanghai investment set up four tons of pilot plant capacity, such as zhang hui Jane efforts, pilot run is successful, because of environmental problems such as not after put into production. Shanghai institute of synthetic rubber in the monomer synthesis later on that wujing, rebuild a pilot plant, research and development of fluorine and silicon rubber adhesive through chemical identification of two innings.
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