Yogurt straws becomes soft lie prone to lie prone

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-14
Doug mama in hangzhou this time for a cup of yogurt, from the refrigerator took out a small cup of yogurt to eat to the child, the straw poke several, is not right in, 'originally, pointed the head immediately wear, again hard, straw is bent in the middle. 'And this is not by chance, her breath tried 3 straw, the result is the same, straw a bent one. 'Now the straw so fragile! 'She is very helpless. Yogurt straw becomes not met the 'bones' doug mama, other customers have reflected, originally very neat can into yoghurt cup 'muscles' of the straw feeling, deformation, without pierced a few left yogurt covered several dents. 'My grandmother also because not yet opened the yogurt is laughed at by the little girl. 'Had the same feelings, let mother tells a reporter, a few days ago her little girl after the nap, grandma just took out the prepared a cup of yogurt, but, I don't know what happened, this straw is inserted. A netizen in the BBS to complain, he aggravated with 10 straw, but each firm bent, had to sigh with emotion yogurt packing is really thick. The same problem also happened on the milk tea, some tea with milk is encapsulation film, 'don't know what is problem Angle or straw, that day I got five or six times, really collapse. 'The net friend Derek fisher said. Yesterday afternoon, reporters from several supermarket hangzhou batches multiple brands of yogurt, and took a big supermarket service straws in the box, do a simple experiment. Many brand yogurt containers with small straws, the reporter took the test, are generally under two or three, can tuck in. And one of 9 from the front desk of straw. Under a 5 cm long straw plunge into two or three, and scrap, pointed the head has been deformation, then take a paragraph with a straw, or fold away directly; Another more slender straws, tied the two times after the head of the tube tip deformation. Folk wisdom on 'save' the small recipe how to solve the difficult problem of straw? So the smart consumers have to 'save', others said to use a toothpick to plunge into the eye, some said to open a mouth with a knife, then put in the straw. 'But sometimes accidentally opening up, the children yogurt is easy to leak out when through a straw, less convenient. 'Said aunt do nanny leaves. Although this little trouble provoked a lot of people upset, but the reporter understands from some milk companies and supermarkets, they have not received complaints of consumers. 'Could it be pierced the Angle of the problem through a straw. 'Yesterday, several well-known enterprises of staff, said after hear they will response and the corresponding department. 'We think straw is a little thing, always can't go and complaints, is their ideas. But hope that businesses can consider the actual use function. 'Hangzhou consumer said ms li. Have individual stations want to customize the thin 'pipe' in the face of straw cannot plunge into reflect, yesterday reporter interviewed some in the industry, a supermarket in hangzhou, officials said straws are generally to send each other, they are unified in one area for customers to come undone, specific straws quality problem they are not very clear. One person said, now the milk packaging use of paper-plastic composite materials, as for milk packaging straw plug did not enter, sealing the problem of tear does not open, may be matching straw too soft or unreasonable straws in point of view, it is possible that upper product packaging is too thick. Do yesterday, the reporter in touch with a straw in the industry, he said, as big milk companies have custom requirements for supporting enterprise, as they produce straws, grams each root has a regulation, so normal manufacturer of production should be passed through a straw. For some consumers encounter cannot plunge into the situation of the straw, he thinks, may on the one hand is the issue of manufacturers to choose material, because the material is a lot of more phyletic, some estimates hardness is not enough; But another possibility is to change 'light' is 'thin', it's related to control costs. A few years ago there was some individuals send milk station to ask them to order straws, demands just click done, the price cheaper. 'Now costs have risen. 'He said, they do straws used in polypropylene ( PP) Material, at present has reached 1. 150000 yuan/ton, up 10% year-on-year. After rising costs, do not rule out some manufacturers make straw 'fragile'. 'Since this Spring Festival, material prices have been rising. 'Haining suye company responsible for the procurement staff, told reporters that used for food in terms of environmental protection material (polyester resin PET) And polystyrene ( PS) Now prices are 1. 350000 yuan/ton, up about 10% than the same period last year.
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